The Rising Shore - Roanoke: a novel by Deborah Homsher
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Explore the History

Historical Sites and Sources

The History of the Lost Colony
The Disappearance of the Colony
An Elizabethan Venture. England vs Spain
Relations with the Algonkians. Manteo and Wanchese
Ongoing Search for Clues

The Women of the Lost Colony

John White Explorer and Artist
John White's Report of the Fourth Voyage to Virginia
John White vs Simon Fernandes, his Pilot
John White Leaves his Company Behind
The Ugly Voyage to England
The Sad Return to Roanoke Island
John White, Illustrator and Cartographer
John White and Thomas Hariot

Elizabethan Explorers
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Sir Walter Ralegh
Captain Philip Amadas and Captain Arthur Barlowe
Sir Richard Grenville and Ralph Lane
Sir Francis Drake

The Algonkians
Contact with the English
The Women's Towne by Chypanum. A Mystery
Manteo and Wanchese
Appreciation of the Algonkians. A Briefe and True Report
The Invisible Enemy

Map of the American Southeast and Virginia

THE RISING SHORE - ROANOKE is a novel by Deborah Homsher.