The Rising Shore - Roanoke: a novel by Deborah Homsher
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The Rising Shore - Roanoke
by Deborah Homsher
Blue Hull Press
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They sailed to the edge of the world ...

Here is the story of THE LOST COLONY told by two women who sail from London to the wild American shore in 1587. Elenor Dare is daughter of the governor and mother of the first English child born in North America. Margaret Lawrence is her servant. Both struggle bravely, angling against each other, to grasp their dreams.

This was the very first English attempt to establish a foothold in the New World. Historically, the expedition's governor sailed back to London for supplies and returned three years later to find no trace of the hundred colonists he'd left on Roanoke Island. Their fate remains a haunting mystery.

THE RISING SHORE - ROANOKE rediscovers the vanished pioneers. Newly married and pregnant when she boards the ship, Elenor Dare longs to paint pictures of the New World, as her father has done, but she is frustrated by circumstance. Her brave servant, Margaret, blazes her own path to independence.

THE RISING SHORE - ROANOKE is a novel by Deborah Homsher based on research concerning the earliest English ventures in America.

A BOOK CLUB KIT for Reading Groups

1) Discussion Questions

2) What Happened to the Lost Colonists? Clues!

3) Coastal Map from 1606

4) Important Landmarks on the Map

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Interviews and Reviews

Homsher has succeeded in satisfying the sweet hunger of those enthralled with the [Lost Colony] mystery. She's crafted a solid yet poetic saga that will hold readers captive. ... What truly sings in Homsher's work is her amazing ability to understand life. On every page, she analyzes it with a powerful voice.

       - The Virginian-Pilot

Homsher's novel gives life to the few scraps of historical documentation of the Roanoke colony and creates strong characters that grab your attention and make you dream of an altered history.

      - Historical Novels Review Online

Owing to perpetual interest in the subject matter, the 2007 release of the English film Roanoke: The Lost Colony, and the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, this first novel about one of American history's most enduring mysteries may appeal to the literary and book club set. The author's two nonfiction books - Women & Guns and From Blood to Verdict - revealed her interest in feminism and crime. Here, too, she is careful with her facts, using as narrators the famous Eleanor Dare (born White), daughter of Colony leader John White and the mother of the first English child born in the New World, and Margaret, a documented Colony member. The invented portions are believable, including the ending - you can debate the details, but it seems quite logical. The events of 1587 are viewed from the perspective of the women, both of whom are all but powerless as they are carried across the Atlantic and into the New World ... most public libraries will want to purchase for readers who enjoyed Jane Smiley's The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton.

       - Library Journal

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